Nothing Endures But Change

The song that starts my daily subway commute playlist which is then followed by Sweatpants, Heartbeat, Riptide and finally Split by Tesla Boy. 

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I heard this song once in H-mart over the weekend and its been stuck in my head ever since. The lyrics are terrible but my god PSY has such catchy songs. 

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Then you bring your mind to rest against mine
But the mind has no say on affairs of the heart

- Writings on the Wall by OKGO

The scientist in me cant help but cringe when I hear this part of the song but still love the song. 

"Yeah, you got some silverware, but really are you eating though?
Are you eating though? are you eating though?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner’s for beginners, you ain’t even know”

This always reminds me of Jimmy McMillan…

not usually a fan of remixes but I’m digging this one right now. 

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This might just be my favorite OK GO music video of all time! Masterfully done and as always, done in one take. 

…..i cant get this out of my head every time I watch Game of Thrones. The singing is terrible but the lyrics though….THE LYRICS ARE SO ACCURATE. 

Every day of summer needs a song to describe it.  This is today’s. 

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